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If you are searching the list of Question and Answer sites list to earn the quality link then you are on right portal. We have made the list of Question and Answer sites that really work for you.

When people use different ways to enhance the presence of a website and generate huge traffic to website that time they search some new, innovative, and unique methods to make famous a website on the web.

In the search engine optimization methods, you can find such kinds of new, attractive, and effective method which can increase the traffic and also generate the leads. Among the other SEO methods, the question and answer task is really very fruitful SEO task which can make closer to your potential customers.

The purpose of the question and answer task is to make aware the viewers about your product and services and get their opinions over it. In this way, your old customers can share their experiences with you and new customers will be going to connect with you.

 To perform this task, you have to search top class question and answer submission sites list on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. These sites play fantastic work to give you a comfortable and convenient platform while performing this task on the web.

In this task, you can ask any question regarding your business to the viewers and get the answers from viewers, so people that have deep knowledge about your business can give you an appropriate answer.

So, you can get an idea about your brand how it is popular among the viewers or why it goes down in the market because many folks tell you the truth or defects of your brand. In this way, you can get a chance to improve the quality of your product and services.

Hence, we can say that these sites will bring you closer to your viewers and also enhance the value of your brand in the market. But, if you are not so aware of the exact process of using question and answer sites, so see the following points where we will show you the exact way of using these sites.

How to Use Question and Answer Submission Sites

  • First of all, search the high quality question and answer sites on the search engine.
  • Choose each site one by one to perform the task.
  • Make your own account on the site by giving details like username, password, email id, etc.
  • Now go to your account and click on the Question and Answer button.
  • A form will appear on the screen which contains empty blocks like category, keyword, question, etc.
  • Fill all the blocks of the form correctly and click on the Submit button.

In this way, your question can be posted on the site and when you want to give an answer to any question so directly go through your account and click to the question, you can find an answer box, just fill it by your answer and click on submit. So, your answer will be posted. This is the process of using these sites, but before using these sites, you have to prepare yourself to ask a question. Today, we give you some guidelines for the preparation. social bookmarking sites also help to get the quality link.

Top Free 10 Q&A Sites

Do you know why people prefer the Q&A website? It helps in delivering the top rank for the digital marketing campaign. If you are running or operating a business, you know how important it is for you to make it visible to your customer.

For a business, customers are their main element, so they need to provide the proper information. Most people do think that how free Question & Answer websites can be beneficial for the business; even when I heard about that, I was wondering the same thing.

But it proves to be efficient because of these reasons-

  • The customer just does not search for the keywords; they ask a question to Google.
  • Help in building trust
  • Boost the website's SEO
  • Provide relevant, genuine, and Authoritative Answers

Basically, for a business that wants to increase their business, it is essential for them to use these Indian question and answer websites. So here, we have mentioned the Top free 10 Q&A websites based on the traffic that the website receives.


It is the website where people post the answer to the questions; here, you can find several different types of topics, people many specific questions that are there with trends, and different questions that you may read before. The best part about the Quora question & answer website is that you can find the answers, and there is a reputable community of experts. Quora's website covers a wide variety of interests and topics, and the person can also search for the different answers in the search bar available there. 


It is the community that comes together and gives you the advice on how a person can help the computer enthusiastic with the question that they have. The website will provide you with geeky answers to the geeky questions available on the website.


Whatever you need to know in life, whether you want to build, create, fix and learn, you will find everything on eHow. It is the practical solution to the problem of what life throws at you. Here the person will be able to solve the challenges that they are facing in life more efficiently and make things better for themselves. If you want to be a fixer, crafter, builder, doer, or DIY devotee, it can be the platform you want to choose. I think that it is the best website as you can get an answer to each question easily.


It is the collaborating Q&A website where the user asks the question, and answers are given by users, both experts and lay. Since 2003, when it first came into existence, it has had over 1,000,000 members and has over 5,000,000 questions in total. There were around 2.5 million answers given to those questions. receives an estimated five million unique visitors who join it every month. 


When you talk about the, you may sometimes find that low in quality because it makes up for the quantity. Therefore, it is essential for the person to find the relevancy while they search for the answer, and you can also find a good answer to the question. But before that, you need to go through several other answers, and then you may find the one you are looking for. 


If you are interested in programming, then is the website that is designed for you or people like you. You will inquire about all the questions related to the programming. There you may find specific questions about the codes, mechanics, and how that particular thing works.

You can get an answer to all these questions properly and accurately. You will not have to go anywhere once you check out this website. The user can vote on your question up and down, which is how your business's visibility will be decided or determined. 


It is the most exciting online question and answers website where the only aim is to revolutionize the way people answer questions online. So if you want to know the answer to the burning question, even if you want to get knowledge about different questions and experiences, then can be the best option you can choose. It will offer you the answers to the question for free, and you can get access to the information 24/7.

The website was established in 1999 by Deborah Mahony, which is why the name of the website is The only mission of this website is to answer common questions every day. Since Day 1, it has gone through several changes, but nothing more changed after the small world marketing acquired the website in the year 2009. After that, the main focus of the site became user interaction.

Free Question and Answer Submission Sites List - 2022

Sr.noQ & A WebsiteAlexa Rank

Guidelines to Use Question and Answer Sites list 2022

  • You should plan your question.
  • You have to know about your purpose.
  • Ask a question in a friendly language.
  • Always try to use neutral wording.
  • Strive to build a hierarchy of questions.
  • Focus your questions so they ask one thing at a time.
  • Always ask the essential question and understand the time of others.

All the above points stated that how to plan a question for the question and answer task. Hope, you understand how you can create a connection between you and viewers. If you really want to perform this task, so follow the guidelines carefully and perform the task, definitely, you will get success.

Question and Answer FAQ

Following FAQ will help you to understand the Q&A value for SEO ranking and improve the profile rating.

Does Question and Answer Help to Improve the Profile Rating

Really Q&A help to improve your profile rating and ranking on website when you give best solution to newbie and help them to solve their issue with your skills. Q&A sites will start to recommend you if you provide the better solution.

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