Top 10 Job Posting Sites List In India 2022

It does not matter whether I am looking for a job or want to list the job for my company. Free Job posting sites in India are the best option you can have. For a company, it is the best way to collect the pool of acting talent. But on the other hand, an employer can sign up for these free job posting sites  for free and get instant access to the top talent in India. With the impact of the pandemic, businesses have been affected the most.

Every business owner wants to hire the best candidate for the job, which will be possible only through a reliable source. Here, we have mentioned some top job posting sites in India, which you can choose to list your job there. These Job posting sites help to get the backlinks for employer website.

List of Top 10 Free Job Posting Sites in India 2022

When someone asks me about the intelligent way of hiring a candidate, I would always choose Snaphunt. It is the best platform that helps companies screen, source, and also to hire talent anywhere in the world. Employers can post the free job on the platform simply by signing in. One of the best things I love about the platform is that you can get instant access to the targeted talents from the pool of more than one million candidates.


The next site that I trust is It is the leading job posting site you can find in India. Most companies consider this a great source of professional talent based in India. The employer can even post the role of the job on, and that is also at quite a fantastic price based on the hiring volume.

  1. Monster India

Monster India is another best site you can choose that will lead to the board in India. That will become part of Monster Worldwide. The platform will offer the employer premium job listing to the employers who can post the jobs on Monster India. It is the best way through which you can find the best talents of India. I do believe that it is the site for the users where they can experience some fantastic features.

  1. IIM Jobs

You may have heard about IIM; everyone knows about it. It is an exclusive online recruitment platform that is for both middle and senior management positions. There are more than one million registered professionals you can find on IIM that focus on providing premium opportunities for your job.  

There was a time when I was looking for a job, and this was the platform that I used and got some fantastic results. At that time, I realized that it is not just for the job-seeker but also for the employer too.   

  1. Indeed

Another job board platform that you can choose is Indeed. It is a global job board that will offer you sponsored as well as the free job posting and searching. The platform will receive about 250 million unique visitors every month. For a job seeker, it is the best platform that will give you access to search for the job, research the companies, and post resumes.

It is the reason why the job is better for the employer too because when they will post the job, they will get several candidates from which they can choose the best one. So there will be a pool of candidates from which you can select the right or the one which is suitable for that job.     

  1. LinkedIn

The platform that I think is more suitable for people, not just in India but anywhere in the world is LinkedIn. It is the largest professional network in the world that has more than 722 million employers. There are more than 200 more countries and territories around the globe. Employers can post the job on the platform and then choose the pricing of the package.

It will suit the specific requirements that will attract the talent available on LinkedIn for different roles. The employer can choose the best candidate that employer can choose as there will be a resume of the candidate and every other detail which will give them the idea whether they should call the candidate or not.

The Final Words

I hope I have mentioned the best job posting sites that a company can find in India. Not just a company, but if you are looking for a job, then you can select any of these sites and find your dream job. It is the complete guide for the users about job posting and searching sites which they choose.

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